Now what?

Sea level rise is a complex puzzle, here’s what we can do to make our communities more resilient 💪.


Multiple state agencies are mobilizing to craft forward-thinking policies that can save our shorelines and communities.

  • Using the best science

  • Planning proactively

  • Funding adaptation


Here’s a look at innovative adaptation projects that have been completed or are in the works.

innovative adaptation projects:

Surfer’s Point

surfer's point

Port of Oakland

Port of Oakland

Cardiff State Beach

Cardiff living Shoreline

West Cliff Drive

West Cliff

The only fight that is lost ...

... is the one we choose to give up on.

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Rigoberta Menchú

Take Action

Here’s simple steps you can take right now to protect the California coastline and your community.

We need your help to create more urgency. The first step is moving sea level rise higher up on people’s list of considerations. You can help educate California by:

  • Sharing information on your networks

  • Signing up for our newsletter

  • Following our feeds

  • Posting a photo

  • Talking to family, friends and co-workers

Yes, attending public meetings can be tedious. Sending emails is time-consuming. But these actions work. Officials do listen to their constituents and will act when enough pressure is applied. Most responsibility for sea level rise planning lies with local governments. So ask the hard questions of your city council or county board of supervisors: Does our community have a coastal resilience plan? If so, have we prioritized adaptation plans in the highest risk zones? If not, how do we secure funds to conduct vulnerability studies?  Here’s a handy tool to help you find your representatives.

Environmental NGOs, community-based organizations, universities and business associations often act as the catalyst for policy change. They are often the glue that connect residents to government. Do some research and identify those groups that are active in adaptation in your area. Get involved in their efforts to guide local planning efforts. Click here for more information on what California is doing to protect the coastline.

Yes, sea level rise is coming — a consequence of climate change set in motion many years ago. But that doesn’t mean we can’t act today to prevent further harm. Hold corporations and governments accountable for reducing emissions. There are many ways you can minimize your carbon footprint — be it reducing or eliminating meat consumption or reducing car-trips and air travel. There are dozens of resources to help you do so.