So what?

The future of what makes California 🐻 “California” is at stake.

So what can we do, right now?

  • First, local governments must earmark funds to conduct vulnerability studies and build resilience into civic planning. The state’s Ocean Protection Council is providing grants to local governments to do this work

  • Second, Californians can help keep sea level rise at bay reducing our carbon footprint. The state is now working toward a 2030 target of reducing emissions 40% below 1990 levels.

Here’s the cost of inaction:

Our Environment

our environment

Our Economy

our economy

Our Infrastructure

shutterstock 1600858057 Moss Landing

Our Way of Life

1 foot of sea level rise2 feet of sea level rise3 feet of sea level rise4 feet of sea level rise5 feet of sea level rise6 feet of sea level rise7 feet of sea level rise8 feet of sea level rise9 feet of sea level rise10 feet of sea level rise
Use slider to simulate sea level riseWater Level

Visualize Sea Level Rise Near You

Use this viewer to zoom into your favorite coastal zone and experience the flooding that could be coming your way.

SLR Viewer

Myth vs. Reality

Facts – not fears 😱 – will guide California’s resilience planning.

Future generations can manage sea level rise.
Rising seas only affect wealthy communities.
“Managed retreat” is our best option
Concrete seawalls can save us.
Cardiff, San Diego

The Solution

Sea level rise is a complex issue that will take decades to solve. The good news is that experts know what we need to do right now. Using the best science and working together, we can start building a more resilient California.

Sharp Park, Pacifica


The complex issue of sea level rise can be confusing. Here we answer basic questions.