The Ocean is moving in

How we rise to the challenge today

will determine the very future of our golden state.

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Seas are now predicted to rise between 1 and 7 feet by 2100. While not obvious when gazing at the ocean, sea level rise 🌊 is happening faster than you think and will be much worse than scientists first expected.

60% of California’s beaches are highly vulnerable to sea level rise 🏖

Shorelines dotted with native plants and natural dunes can help stem the tide.

Couple on beach
Malibu Beach
Sharp Park, Pacifica

The Challenge

We can’t halt the ice melting already underway, but we can affect how far and fast our ocean rises. On this site, you’ll learn how the State of California and local communities are uniting to protect our coastline.

Cardiff, San Diego

The Solution

Sea level rise is a complex issue that will take decades to solve. The good news is that experts know what we need to do right now. Using the best science and working together, we can start building a more resilient California.

The latest

Our first and best defense against the ravages of sea level rise is staying informed 🗞️.